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Obama has the real experience we need in the White House.


"It was truly exciting to see and meet Senator Obama at the fundraising event at the Rotunda Building on Saturday.  As an educator, it was nice to hear that Senator Obama acknowledges the value of teacher input in reworking standards and evaluations for success in the classroom and the entire public school system.  He is my candidate.

— B., June 4., 2007

"Barack Obama's the most inspiring, motivating candidate I've seen since I was a tot watching JFK.  I love to see young people so excited to be involved in politics to help make Obama President.  But I had to see for myself if he was the real thing, and after very thoroughly researching him, I found a great reputation, glowing reports from as far back as 1995 when he ran for Senator of Illinois.  People who knew him in the past two decades all agree his integrity is unassailable, he genuinely cares about and believes in people.  He can negotiate with the most savvy and experienced out there, listen to every point and reach agreement where people thought none could be reached.  He demands accountability for the generosity bestowed on institutions that are supposed to help others.  I'd feel safer with him as my President, and expect he'd be level-headed, smart and unstoppable in promoting America's interests and redeeming our reputation.  Obama has a sharpness that's undeniable but also an extraordinary ability to connect with people from all walks of life and all over the world bodes well for our country.  I think Obama will bring back respect for our Constitution.

— V.V., June 2, 2007

"Honest communication with a minimum of rhetoric, proper motives, national and world wide concerns for the masses, concern for our children of the future, ours and others, and attention to the environment are among the qualities I believe Obama has.

— R.G., May 25, 2007

"I support Obama because he is bringing issues and morals back to politics."

— C.H., May 15, 2007

"We got to see Barack speak today at the dem convention and he was awesome!!!"

— M.B., April 28, 2007

"he carries my beliefs more than anyone else there.  he is my hope.  i dream of a day where oil, greed, political connections, and fear stop running our country into a corner of unsustainability.  give peace & obama a chance..."

— G.S., April 28, 2007

"It is rare these days that such a uniquely qualified and humanistic politician as Sen. Obama is brave enough to stand up in the line of fire and seek the most visible and stressful office in the world.  Having seen the way Sen. Obama has already dealt with the inevitable slings and arrows from the opposition, I have no doubt that he will rise to the occasion as our new president and lead us into an era of peace and prosperity."

— P.P., April 27, 2007

"Obama's the actual embodiment of hope.  Every day, I read the paper and find our current politics and policy depressing and, often, down right frightening.  I believe Obama will unite, not divide, and will lead America in a progressive direction.  Obama in '08!"

— S.P., April 26, 2007

"Obama has an amazing ability to connect with individual people.  He's not just charismatic, he's a genuinely good human being."

— D.P., April 25, 2007